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Advocates call for policy changes to prevent SA childhood obesity

Sugary drinks consumption is harming our children Johannesburg, 23 January 2023: Approximately 13% of South Africa’s children under five years are overweight – more than double the global average.1 Being overweight and developing obesity in early childhood increases the risk for adult obesity, as well as associated conditions like high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood […]

Health department says draft legislation to regulate unhealthy food packaging expected soon

The national health department says it is ‘on the right track’ to publish long-awaited draft legislation that is likely to propose warning labels and tighter advertising on the unhealthy, processed foods flooding supermarket shelves. The department’s statement comes six years after similar changes were originally proposed. In May 2014, the national health department proposed amending the country’s […]

How processed food is killing us

Don’t let aggressive food advertising campaigns make you fall prey to the excess of the festive season! Johannesburg, November 22: The festive season is almost here which means supermarket shelves will soon be piled with even more tasty treats than normal – from sugar-laden sweets to biscuits, cakes and drinks – and with so many […]

The fresher the better – it’s time to change how we eat

Campaign calls for laws to enable consumers’ return to real, unprocessed foods with nutritious ingredients we can recognise Cape Town, 26 October 22: Patterns of food consumption have changed rapidly in recent decades. The impact of the modern diet, and specifically high-energy foods, on human health has led to serious ailments. Our modern diet is […]

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