• South Africa needs front-of-package warning labels (FoPWL) to help
    consumers make better choices and live healthier lives.
    South Africans are consuming more ultra-processed foods high in sugar, salt and saturated fat – contributing to the obesity and NCD disease rates.

    Understanding what is in the food we eat can be challenging. The nutrition labels (currently on the back of food packaging) are confusing and difficult to understand or comprehend.

    Front-of-package warning labels (FOPWL) on foods high in sugar, salt and saturated fat and containing non-sugar sweeteners provide consumers with a quick and easy way to understand what is in their food – helping them make healthier food choices by avoiding these unhealthy food products.¹

MAP_UNC Countries with mandatory warning labels

NCD mortality rate
increased & NCDS are main
cause of death in SA²

Diabetes, hypertension and
heart disease are all among
the top 10 leading causes of
natural death in the country³

2016 SA Demographic and
Health Survey (SADHS)
reported 1 in 3 men, 2 in 3
women and 1 in 8 children
are overweight or obese⁴

SA is likely to have the 10th
highest level of childhood
obesity in the world by 2030
(28% of children aged 5-19
years are estimated to be
obese in 2030)⁵