Tips for healthier living

WATCH: Ordinary South Africans share their journey towards a healthier lifestyle, including meal ideas that prove that nutritious food doesn’t need to be expensive or boring. Some people also share the health challenges they have faced, often because of poor diets.

How to make a low-budget, healthy breakfast

Dietician Tebogo shares tips to make a healthy breakfast that doesn’t cost a lot.

How to make a low-budget, healthy lunch

Dietician Tebogo shares tips to make a healthy lunch that doesn’t cost a lot.

How to make a low-budget, healthy dinner

Dietician Tebogo shares tips to make a healthy dinner that doesn’t cost a lot.

Giving up sugar: Ludwe’s story

Ludwe grew up in Mthatha and now has a high-pressure life in Jozi. She cuts out sugar for 30 days!

Deciphering the sugar in your can

Calculate how much sugar is in your drinks

Grow great

Preventing stunting for future generations through proper nutrition for our youth.

Plates over pills

Meet Dr Tracy Nelwamondo – she is a medical lifestyle doctor using indigenous African foods to treat her patients. She advocates for plates over pills in the fight against lifestyle diseases crippling South Africa.

Grow your own food!

Urban farmer on why it’s important to grow your own food

Coca-Cola, keep sugary drinks out of schools

Heala supporters were out in full force picketing outside Coca Cola in Rosebank on Tuesday 16 October 2018. They are asking the company to honor their pledge not to market sugary beverages to school children. After all – there is nothing sweet about sugar.

Obesity: South Africa’s hidden hunger

Lucky Nkosi is both pregnant and obese. As the most obese nation in sub-Saharan Africa, Lucky’s story sheds light on why the cost and accessibility of healthy foods impacts the health of the poorest South African citizens the most.

School nutrition – junk foods that our kids are eating

The Healthy Living Alliance met with teachers, food vendors, tuckshop handlers and school learners at Zola Primary in Soweto to discuss the school food environment and explore healthier alternatives for students.

The crisis of childhood obesity in SA

A recent national survey found that 1 in 5 boys and 1 in 4 girls in South Africa are currently overweight or obese.